Saturday, November 27 2021


Ran a 2-day trip on the Illinois this last weekend. Launched on Saturday morning after a cold night, got off the river sunday around 12ish. Beautiful weather, easy but fun flows, and lots of wildlife. The scoreboard: one bear, three otters, one bald eagle… There were three of us in two rafts. HAD A BLAST. The flow was around 1300 at Kerby when we launched, which seems to be a super mellow boogie-water flow. Nothing much to really look out for. Stopped to look at Green Wall and then we were on our way again. Didn’t catch up with the 3 and 4 dayers until we were below Submarine Hole. No trouble finding a camp for three people.








Cal-Salmon - April 20, 2007


Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho - September 2-6, 2007

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I own and operate Indigo Creek Outfitters, an Ashland-based whitewater rafting company that runs trips on the Rogue and Klamath rivers. Shortly after I moved to Southern Oregon in 2004 I started exploring some of the nearby rivers and absolutely fell in love with the area.

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