Tuolumne River – March 12, 2016

Incredible one-day trip and my first time down the T. We were carefully watching the winter storms rolling through and waited for a perfect window. The T was hovering around 3k and a sunny Saturday was in the forecast. I called a friend and he recommended:

1) Arrange a shuttle
2) Be careful if it goes above 6k
3) Watch out for Grey’s Grind Stone at high flows.

All was helpful beta. We put-on at 11AM and took out by 5 PM. Drinking beers at the Iron Door by 6:30.

Video from Clavey Falls on the Tuolumne River:

2 thoughts on “Tuolumne River – March 12, 2016”

  1. Howdy!

    Can you tell me how this frame is attached to the raft? I don’t see any straps going to the side D rings, as I would expect. And it seems the frame is moving as you are running. Am I missing something? Just curious, thanks for your time.


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