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RiverStateTrip LengthOutfitterWebsite
American River - South ForkCalifornia1
Illinois RiverOregon3 to 4
Kaweah RiverCalifornia1 DayAll
Kern River - ForksCalifornia2 to 3 DaysKern River
Kern River - LowerCalifornia1 to 2 DaysKern River
Kern River - UpperCalifornia1 DayKern River
Klamath River - UpperOregon1 DayIndigo Creek
North UmpquaOregon1 DayNorth Umpqua
Rogue River - "Wild & Scenic"Oregon3 to 4 DaysIndigo Creek
Rogue River - NuggetOregon0.5 DayIndigo Creek
Salmon - Middle ForkIdaho5 to 6 DaysIdaho River
Smith River - Middle ForkCalifornia1 DayRedwood
Smith River - North ForkCalifornia1 to 2 DaysRedwood
Smith River - South ForkCalifornia1 DayRedwood
TuolumneCalifornia1 to 3

Guided Trips