Jackson Creek, South Umpqua – February 3, 2017

Jackson Creek is a tributary to the South Umpqua and offers a fun and logistically-friendly day adventure. There is no gauge on Jackson Creek, so use the Tiller gauge. On this trip, the water was on its way up and this was certainly a minimum flow for a raft.

There are numerous places you could use as access points. We boated roughly 10 miles in approximately 3 hours. There were logs across the river in numerous places, however at this flow we only had to portage over a log once, and were able to duck under the rest of them.

Lots of mellow Class I & II with beautiful scenery.
One of the fun drops on Jackson Creek
Glen and TJ in a fun rapid on Jackson Creek, a tributary to the South Umpqua
After a quick portage we ran this fun drop.

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  1. wonderful photos! beautiful country! exceptional website!!
    one knows a man by his work. you do fine work, will. kudos.

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