03 Feb 2017

Jackson Creek, South Umpqua – February 3, 2017

Jackson Creek is a tributary to the South Umpqua and offers a fun and logistically-friendly day adventure. There is no gauge on Jackson Creek, so use the Tiller gauge. On this trip, the water was on its way up and this was certainly a minimum flow for a raft. There

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Bottom of Green Wall on the Illinois River in Southern Oregon.
12 Nov 2016

Illinois River – November 12-13, 2016

From a photography perspective this was about the most perfect trip you could have on the Illinois. It had not rained in roughly a week and the water was crystal clear. The sun came out multiple times throughout the trip. The flow was on the low side but with how

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Deer Creek is a large tributary to the Illinois River.
11 Nov 2016

Deer Creek, Illinois River – November 11, 2016

Deer Creek is a large tributary to the Illinois River that flows through the town of Selma, Oregon. It is accessible off of Hogue Drive in Selma. Running Deer Creek into the Illinois is a nice alternative to launching from Eight Dollar Bridge (on the Illinois), as the run from

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30 Oct 2016

Butte Fork, Applegate – October 30, 2016

Video from Aaron Babcock: The Butte Fork of the Applegate is a tributary to the Upper Applegate in way Northern California. It’s within the Red Butte Wilderness Area and requires a short downhill hike to access the creek. The take-out is at the confluence with the Upper Applegate, which has a

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10 Apr 2016

Scott River – April 10, 2016

Northern California’s Scott River has had a rough couple years. Two years of brutal drought was finally obliterated by snow-capped mountains in 2016. Flows bumped up to 2400 CFS for the day. Overall a great flow and some cheats develop that make things a bit easier. At White House you

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19 Mar 2016

Upper Klamath – March 19, 2016

Three laps from Frain Ranch to Stateline. These photos are of Caldera on the third lap through. Kayaks: Jared Sandeen, Mike Goglin, Craig Blackard, and Dustin Knapp Raft: Thorn Lyons, Tyler Pohle, Will Volpert

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05 Feb 2016

Illinois River – February 5, 2016

Skip was making the move from Bozeman to the Kern and was coming through Ashland. I was working on Thursday and busy on Saturday. But the Illinois was at a perfect flow and our friends were doing a two-day launching on Friday. What better time to try to squeeze in

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10 Jan 2016

North Fork Smith – January 10, 2016

A cool but dry winter day on the North Fork of the Smith began at 9:00 a.m. in Gasquet, California. Flow was lowish but the clear skies and sun made for an enjoyable day. We were off the river and back on the road around 4:30 p.m. The group consisted

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18 Dec 2015

Illinois River – December 10, 2015

The highest I had seen the Illinois prior to this trip was about 4700 CFS in Kerby. I had chatted with Aaron Babcock in the past year about wanting to see it at higher flows and when the flows were projected to spike, Aaron called and asked if I was

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03 Nov 2015

Middle Fork and South Fork Smith – November 2, 2015

Despite low flows, the MF Smith Oregon Hole Gorge and the SF Smith gorge were “good to go kind of.” One portage on the South Fork, but other than that we successfully slammed into rocks and scraped our way downstream.

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