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Panther Creek – June 10, 2014

If Panther Creek was in California, Oregon or Washington this would be a coveted whitewater run. Instead, the creek is tucked away near the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho. Spending my summers in Salmon this stretch is more feasible to run, but still a long drive.

From Salmon, drive to the town of North Fork via US-93 North, at the town turn left on to the Salmon River Road. From North Fork it’s about an hour to Panther Creek. The creek flows into the Salmon river on river-left. Follow an old dirt mining road up the creek for about 20 miles. You will definitely know when you get to the big section. It’s about 2 miles long, two distinct class V rapids class, and daunting.

We spent a long time scouting the run. The only eddy is between the big rapids. It was important to note all the big features and ensuing moves. Wasn’t pretty, but we made it down. Stoked to do it again next spring. At low water Panther Creek is an excellent dry fly creek, comparable to Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork Salmon