Colorado River, Grand Canyon | December 10, 2007 – January 4, 2008

This trip was awesome because – well, it was the Grand Canyon – but mostly because of Keith Bond and his family, Dee, Laura, and Erik. They organized a great trip, took care of food, managed a bunch of people they had barely met, and most of all were great folks. So, a huge thank-you to the Bond family!

I was lucky enough to hear about this trip through an email Keith sent out. I quickly checked my schedule and realized the dates of the trip fit perfectly inside my winter break for school. I called him up, drove to Portland to meet the other folks, and before I knew it I was signed up for a Colorado trip. Over the course of the summer a few of the originals had to bow out, leaving room for me to ask a few buddies to join: Kyle “Smitty” Smith, Andy Wilks, and Dan Thurber. Kyle and Andy are undergrads at the University of Idaho. I work in Idaho on the Middle Fork of the Salmon and Main with Andy. I met Kyle on his first rafting trip (on the MF Salmon) for his highschool graduation trip. Dan and I met in Ashland when we were both going to school at SOU. We lived together for two years and had more boating junk in our small apartment than livable space. But, hey, we have priorities.

Others on the trip were the four Bonds, Alan, Scott, Dan, Sherri, Scott, Ryan, Danielle, and Keith A.

Some of the camps we stayed at:

• Badger
• Upper North Canyon
• South Canyon Camp
• President Harding
• Main Nankoweap
• Tanner
• Grapevine
• Somewhere below Pipeline Creek
• Schist
• Lower Bass
• Upper Blacktail
• Race Track
• Tuckup
• Hualapai Acres
• Indian Canyon
• Upper 220
• Seperation Canyon
• South Cove

Thank you to the Bond family for organizing a spectacular trip and for giving me an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon.

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