White Salmon – September 16, 2008

After a summer of guiding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, Skip and I headed back to Oregon to find places to live and new rivers to see. The first run of the Fall for us was the White Salmon. I think this is sometimes referred to as the “Middle White Salmon” or perhaps the BZ Corner stretch? I’m not sure. The put-in is awesome though. You slide your boat down a crazy ramp maze. Our take-out location was just below Husum Falls on the left. There’s a small pullout with a bunch kayaking trucks normally parked there. Easy to find.

Aside from Skip and I, joining us was Aaron (had never rafted before and just wanted to get outside) and Zach from Echo River Trips. Zach was kayaking so the rest of us were R3ing an Avon Adventurer.

It was definitely a little boney for a 14′ raft but we made it through without getting stuck or scraping rocks too badly. The majority of the run is class II with maybe two or three class III rapids. Of course, Husum Falls is a cool looking rapid. It’s a class IV kinda-waterfall, maybe eight vertical feet. Very easy to put the boat in the right place but also easy to get launched out the back, which is exactly what happened.


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