09 Apr 2015

North Fork Smith – April 9, 2015

Zach Urness had been bugging me about getting back on the North Fork of the Smith. We had low flows but beautiful weather. The gauge above shows flows at Jed Smith, which are reported in CFS and Feet. This is a different gauge than the one Bearfoot Brad reports (which

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06 Apr 2015

South Fork Salmon – April 3-5, 2015

The level was 3.69 Ft. Guides from the Middle Fork of the Salmon River decided to check out the other side of the Frank Church. Andrew Wilkin, Kevin Widerman, Colin Hughes, and Josh Edmunson. We did a 3 day, 2 night raft trip. First night we Camped at mile 14.7

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24 Mar 2015

Illinois River – March 22-24, 2015

Three days on the Illinois is hard to beat. Three of us met in Selma and headed to the river. The water was a bit low the first day but the rain started coming down and by day two we were floating on a healthy flow. Our first night we camped at

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07 Feb 2015

Rogue River, Wild & Scenic – February 7, 2015

On Saturday, February 7th, three of us pushed off from Almeda on the Rogue River and headed downstream. Four and a half hours later we were at Foster Bar. Here’s what I remember. Thank you to Roger Goth, Aaron Stone, and Erik Weiseth for providing great beta before we pushed

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07 Feb 2015

Illinois River – February 7, 2015

Written by Aaron Babcock So I had planned this trip for over a week.  A month and a half ago I had just run the same stretch at 12000.  The trip had been very successful, and I was hoping for a chance to see it a little higher.  Looking at

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Camping at Upper Tacoma on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River
02 Feb 2015

Rogue River – January 30 – February 1, 2015

Mike Dearing picked me up in Ashland and rowed me down the river. Aaron Lieberman and Roger Goth met us at Tyee on night one and then we camped at Upper Tacoma on night two. As if to hammer home the fact that Southern Oregon has missed out on winter,

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21 Dec 2014

Illinois River – December 21, 2014

Written by Aaron Babcock I hesitate releasing my beta on this run because a written description doesn’t do justice to the truly violent, and unpredictable nature of this river at flood stage. I certainly don’t want to convince someone to run this simply based on what I have written, and

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Illinois River Oregon
23 Nov 2014

Illinois River – November 23, 2014

This was supposed to be a two-day Illinois trip, but on Friday night it dumped rain and the water shot up and over 6,000 cfs. We woke up in the morning and decided to run the Green Bridge stretch of the Illinois to Six Mile Access. The miles went by

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10 Jun 2014

Panther Creek – June 10, 2014

If Panther Creek was in California, Oregon or Washington this would be a coveted whitewater run. Instead, the creek is tucked away near the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho. Spending my summers in Salmon this stretch is more feasible to run, but still a long drive. From Salmon, drive to

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30 Mar 2014

South Fork Umpqua – March 30, 2014

I hadn’t been on the South Umpqua before this trip so I’m not sure what a good flow would normally be. We had 3000 – 3500 at Tiller (it had been raining a fair amount) and that felt to be a medium+ flow. Put in at South Umpqua Falls, which

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