13 Mar 2016

Middle Fork Rogue – March 13, 2016

My morning started off with a quick email check and confirmation from the Mt Ashland Ski Patrol director that the mountain would be open. They got about a foot on Saturday and it snowed all Sunday night. On the drive to the mountain, I received a call that the mountain

Joseph Hatcher 0
12 Mar 2016

Tuolumne River – March 12, 2016

Incredible one-day trip and my first time down the T. We were carefully watching the winter storms rolling through and waited for a perfect window. The T was hovering around 3k and a sunny Saturday was in the forecast. I called a friend and he recommended: 1) Arrange a shuttle

Skip Volpert 2
05 Feb 2016

Illinois River – February 5, 2016

Skip was making the move from Bozeman to the Kern and was coming through Ashland. I was working on Thursday and busy on Saturday. But the Illinois was at a perfect flow and our friends were doing a two-day launching on Friday. What better time to try to squeeze in

Will Volpert 5
10 Jan 2016

North Fork Smith – January 10, 2016

A cool but dry winter day on the North Fork of the Smith began at 9:00 a.m. in Gasquet, California. Flow was lowish but the clear skies and sun made for an enjoyable day. We were off the river and back on the road around 4:30 p.m. The group consisted

Will Volpert 1
01 Jan 2016

North Fork Smith – January 1, 2016

Having gone to bed by 9:30 on New Year’s Eve, we were plenty rested for our New Year’s Day NF Smith run. As we prepped and got ready, we awaited the arrival of Erik to pack up the Subaru and head to Gasquet, CA. After a challenging pack job to

Yann Crist-Evans 0
18 Dec 2015

Illinois River – December 10, 2015

The highest I had seen the Illinois prior to this trip was about 4700 CFS in Kerby. I had chatted with Aaron Babcock in the past year about wanting to see it at higher flows and when the flows were projected to spike, Aaron called and asked if I was

Will Volpert 2
03 Nov 2015

Middle Fork and South Fork Smith – November 2, 2015

Despite low flows, the MF Smith Oregon Hole Gorge and the SF Smith gorge were “good to go kind of.” One portage on the South Fork, but other than that we successfully slammed into rocks and scraped our way downstream.

Will Volpert 1
15 Jun 2015

Big Timber Creek – June 15, 2015

Big Timber creek defines the Crazy Mountains perfectly. Located 2 hours outside Bozeman, Big T flows directly out of the crazies. It’s rugged, scenic, and steep. Very steep, average gradient around 700 FPM. Whether or not you plan to run the creek the adventure is rewarding, it is well worth

Skip Volpert 3
02 Jun 2015

Kootenai Creek – June 1, 2015

When the Bitterroot River is between 1K to 3K cfs, Kootenai Creek will be at a good level. My good friend Nate Moody and I were looking for a specific adventure. As Middle Fork Salmon river guides we had limited time. First, we wanted to find a creek with an

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