22 Apr 2013

Illinois River – April 20-21, 2013

Lower flows didn’t slow us down on a long-planned Illinois trip. We had gorgeous weather and a fun group. Mainly Indigo Creek staff and friends on this trip. Camped at Deadman’s Bar. Stopped briefly at Green Wall and then relaxed at Pimp Slap Left for lunch.

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18 Mar 2013

Illinois River – March 16-17, 2013

Mellow flows, great weather… makes for a relaxing Illinois trip. Stayed at South Bend for the night.

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17 Nov 2012

Illinois River – November 17-18, 2012

Flows looked great for this trip until the day before our launch. The storm we were counting on to bump up flows was pushed back and instead of a rainy day we were left looking up to semi-clear skies with not a drop of rain. Nevertheless, we remained optimistic and

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16 Apr 2012

Illinois River – April 14-15, 2012

Fun flows on the Illinois coupled with great weather made for a stellar trip. Camped at Collier Creek.

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20 May 2011

Illinois River – May 17-18, 2011

Sunshine and mellow flows on the Illinois. Two day trip. Camped at Pine Flat.

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20 Feb 2011

Illinois River – February 19-20, 2011

Two-day trip down the Illinois, camped at South Bend. Check out Brett’s blog post about this trip: Wide Eyed On The Illinois Here’s a video from Green Wall:

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18 Jan 2011

Illinois River – January 15-16, 2011

Don’t read this trip report and think to yourself that putting on the Illinois at nearly 4K is a good idea. At this flow swimming would be incredibly dangerous. So… if you decide to do it, that’s great, but be really careful and make sure your group is solid. On

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25 Nov 2010

Illinois River – November 20/21, 2010

It was John Ruskin who said, “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” And it is I who calls Bull Shit, John. It should be re-written as: “Sunshine is

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14 Nov 2010

Illinois River – November 12/13, 2010

A group of 7 floated the Illinois this past weekend. Dana and I brought an oar boat and joined five kayakers. In kayaks were Nick, Chris, Jodi, Lisa, and Brian from Waterdogs. We met in Selma at the Rogue River Journeys house and from there drove into Miami Bar. We

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01 Nov 2010

Illinois River – October 30, 2010

A one-day trip is not the right way to see this beautiful river. However, you have to take what you can get – especially in October. It is pretty rare for the Illinois to have consistent flows this time of year, however this October has been different. In fact, the

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