21 Mar 2010

West Fork of the Illinois – March 20, 2010

Since there is no gauge for the West Fork the best thing to go off of is the Illinois gauge in Kerby. Ever since I moved to Selma I’ve been wanting to get on some of the upper stretches and tributaries to the Illinois River. In January I got to

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15 Mar 2010

Illinois River – March 13/14, 2010

Will’s 24th birthday – He’s still a year younger than me, but who’s counting? People started dropping like flies on Thursday afternoon, but several of us stuck it out. Will and I had been watching the snow fall all day on Thursday and the projected flows told us it would

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25 Feb 2010

Illinois River – February 20-21, 2010

Trip Report by Will Volpert. Flow peaked somewhere around 1350 CFS. On Friday evening we drove in to Miami Bar. Zach (Northwest Rafting Company), Pete (Momentum River Expeditions) and Dan didn’t get in until 2 AM. The rest of us were already asleep at the new camping area near Miami.

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08 Feb 2010

Illinois River – February 6/7, 2010

Trip participants: Hans Hoomans George White John Meier Ryan Guy Will Volpert Dan Thurber Jonathan Absher Tyler Averyt Everyone arrived in Selma the night before the trip. John introduced some of us to Fireball Whiskey and we didn’t hit the hay until about 1 AM. With a more-than slight headache

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02 Feb 2010

Josephine Creek – January 31, 2010

Written by Will Volpert. Although we were floating on Josephine Creek, there is no gauge so your best reference is the Illinois. Here it is: If there ever was such a thing as a “Classic Class II Run” it would be Josephine Creek. Dana and I scoped this one out

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25 Nov 2009

Illinois River – November 21/22, 2009

Trip report written by Brent Davis. The flow peaked somewhere around 2750 CFS @Kerby on this trip, although for the most part we were ahead of this bubble. Four of us ran, one raft, one cat, and one hardshell. We launched at 10:30 on Sat. with the gauge at 880

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20 Oct 2009

Upper Illinois River – October 17, 2009

I had heard of “Big Falls” on the Illnois but had not seen it. I figured that, now having moved to Selma, I might as well take an IK and check it out. Pete Wallstrom of Momentum River Expeditions traveled from Ashland and we ran a shuttle and then put

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06 Apr 2009

Illinois River – April 4/5, 2009

We left Portland mid-day on Friday and headed to Selma. The adventure truly began shortly after dropping the trailer at the Rogue River Journeys guide house when we decided to eat dinner at the bar in Wonder. Definitely a locals place, it was nice to see the community in full

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09 Mar 2009

Illinois River – March 8, 2009

It was a 9:00 to 5:00 day. Except we weren’t at work, there was plentiful beer consumption, and we were on the beautiful Illinois. Launched at 9 AM and took out at 5 PM. We pushed a little in the morning and relaxed in the afternoon to enjoy the canyon.

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12 Jan 2009

Illinois River – January 10/11, 2009

With weather looking good (for January) and flows good-to-go, four of us found ourselves leaving Portland around 7 PM on Friday, January 9th, 2009. Bound for the Illinois, we thought that we could get to the put-in that night, rig, and push off for a camp just downstream under the

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