18 Nov 2008

Illinois River – November 15/16, 2008

So much for “forecasted flow”… The Illinois was projected to hit 4000 CFS two days before this trip. Instead, it barely touched 1300 and we were left with a bony flow. Jason Fisher and Jo Schroeder, guides for Idaho River Journeys on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers, had

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20 May 2008

Illinois River – 10:00 PM May 17 – 2:30 PM May 18, 2008

This last Saturday was the BLM sponsored “Rogue River Clean-up” from Hog Creek to Grave Creek. RRJ took a group of 26 students and parents from the Jacoby Creek Middle School to help pick-up trash. With flows just under 6,000 CFS, most of the trash was probably floating on downstream,

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05 May 2008

Illinois River – May 2-4, 2008

More sunny days on the Illinois! In what continues to be a great Illinois year, the weather, water, and people all came together for another great trip. The first night we stayed at Pine Flat after launching from Miami Bar at a leisurely pace (3:30 pm). With so much daylight,

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29 Apr 2008

Illinois River – April 25-27, 2008

On April 25th, the SOU Whitewater Club launched on the Illinois River with a blistering sun in the sky, promising flows, and four Illinois virgins. In our group we had six SOU students, former SOU student Dan Thurber, and Alan Jones from the Portland area. Amazingly and despite the weather

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24 Mar 2008

Illinois River – March 21-23, 2008

Every time we float the Illinois in March of 2008 on Easter Weekend we have great weather and flows. Every time. It is consistently sunny, normally around the mid-60’s and the flows are just perfect, right around 2,000 CFS. I would venture to say that the best time of year

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26 Feb 2008

Illinois River – February 22-24, 2008

This trip really started back on January 6th at 2AM at the Beau Club in Ashland, Oregon. Dan Thurber and I had just driven a heinous twelve hours straight from Hoover Dam, having completed a 24-day Grand Canyon trip. We arrived in Ashland tired, dirty, and looking like, well, we

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24 Jan 2008

Illinois River – January 18-19, 2008

This trip report was written by John Meier. Dave Hagmeier, Philip (my son) and I launched on the Illinois at 1330 Friday 1-18-08 Blue skies and good times down to Klondike Creek for a nippy, no campfire camp. I have no idea what the temperature was but by the time

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24 Nov 2007

Illinois River – November 17-18, 2007

The river peaked at just over 4750 CFS on this trip. Left Selma at 7:00 AM and arrived at Miami Bar around 8:00ish. Got on the water around 9:30ish. Reached Green Wall at 2:15. Camped at mile 22.7 (one mile below Collier Creek). The next morning we ran from camp

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07 May 2007

Illinois River – May 5-6, 2007

Ran a 2-day trip on the Illinois this last weekend. Launched on Saturday morning after a cold night, got off the river sunday around 12ish. Beautiful weather, easy but fun flows, and lots of wildlife. The scoreboard: one bear, three otters, one bald eagle… There were three of us in

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18 Apr 2007

Illinois River – April 14-15, 2007

This trip report was written by Alan Jones. The river peaked at just over 1400 on this trip. Our much anticipated Illinois trip finally arrived. Five of us met at the Timber Tavern about 6 miles NE of Selma for a little dinner and drinks. Kate, our waitress was a

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